When talking about UAE startups, the minds of many automatically rush to Dubai. However, the capital of the country, Abu Dhabi, is home to some of the most innovative startups. With accelerators and hubs such as twofour54 and Flat6Labs taking over the city, there's no doubt the growth of these startups will only grow. These 10 startups in Abu Dhabi should definitely be on your radar:

Find the right trainers and nutritionists for you.

A curated marketplace to anonymously buy, sell, rent and swap both new and preloved works of art.


Arabic Digital platform for interactive kids content.


A Tinder-like app that limits the time of conversation to 24 hours; also allows users to invite each other to a local venue where various discounts and deals are offered.

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Providing users with the information and tools needed to make smarter decisions about relocating and settling into a new country.


The go-to express delivery pick-up and drop-off service.


Bringing global art to local kids and local art to global kids.

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Hassle-free video production.

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Parents will be able to purchase essential products and services online and get access to dozens of additional perks and promotions.


Enabling on demand app creation for offline retailers looking to have a mobile presence.