Seinfeld was one of the most popular TV shows in the 90s. 

Its memes, however, are making the rounds online 20 years later and for good reason.   

Take a look at these 10 moments from Seinfeld where the words 'relatable to our daily Arab lives' are an understatement. 

1. When parents ground you by forbidding you to have dinner

Remember all the times you upset your parents right before dinner?

2. Covering up what really happened

When you run out of believable stories to cover up your mishaps, but try anyway. 

3. Living with our parents

Kids (read: over 18s) moving our of their parents' homes is not really a thing in the Arab world. In the meantime, we're just hoping it one day becomes cool. 

4. When your outfit is slightly revealing or too urban

Family elders may never appreciate your sense of style: Those ripped jeans, that pair of baggy pants or that piercing will definitely not get their blessing.

That's why we thank and appreciate Instagram for the brief moments of freedom it provides. #ootd 

5. The dating scene

You probably don't know what the heck you're doing or what adult relationships are all about, but you're still excited about getting into the dating scene. 

6. When your mother or auntie buys you clothes

Where is a dog when you need one to rip those fashion travesties to death? 

7. Bored of adulting

You graduate, you work, your first professional experience is going well... Then boredom takes its toll, and you miss your bed, and want to go back to being that careless kid you once were, even if it's just for a few seconds. 

8. "Inshallah"

This is when you know your parents are dead serious about that outing you had planned with friends. 

Their 'No way you're going out' is camouflaged with the usual 'Inshallah, we'll see.'

9. On the spot weekend plans

Friend: I'm bored. 

You: I'm bored, too!

Friend: Mall? 

Both: Let's go. 

10. Excited to see friends (sometimes family)

When your parents finally let you go out without any conditions or curfew!