With appearances in more than 80 films over the course of three decades, Soad Hosny was one of the most beloved and most influential actresses in the history of Egyptian and Arab cinema.

Hosny's legacy not only represents her undeniable talent, celebrated beauty and memorable charm, but also a very prominent era for film and culture in Egyptian history .

On the anniversary of her birth, Jan. 26, we look back on 10 unforgettable roles that solidified her iconic status as the "Cinderella of Egyptian cinema."

1. Samiha in "Esha'et Hob" (1960)

In one of Egyptian cinema's most iconic romantic comedies, Hosny starred opposite Omar Sharif in this lovable comedy, playing a young woman who falls in love with Sharif's character after a jealousy-stirring rumor spreads around town.

2. Ihsan in "Al-Qahera 30" (1966)

In the acclaimed drama that was based on Naguib Mahfouz's 1945 novel "Cairo Modern," Hosny plays an impoverished young woman who is forced to choose between love and providing herself and her family a better life.

3. Samiha in "Saghira Ala El-Hob" (1966)

In another classic Egyptian comedy, Hosny stars opposite Rushdy Abaza in one of her most memorable roles, playing a young actress who is discovered by a film and television director.

4. Fatma in "Al-Zawga Al-Thaneya" (1967)

In this social drama, Hosny starred opposite Shoukry Sarhan, playing a young woman living in a rural Egyptian town who is forced to divorce the man she loves to marry the town's rich mayor.

5. Madiha in "Ghorob Wa Shorouk" (1970)

In this drama, Hosny starred opposite Rushdy Abaza, playing a young woman who struggles to find her independence as her powerful father's continues to control her life.

6. Soad in "Zawgaty Wal Kalb" (1971)

In this drama based on Shakespeare's "Othello," Hosny starred opposite Nour El-Sherif, playing a woman whose husband is consumed by doubts about her infidelity.

7. Zouzou in "Khaly Balak Men Zouzou" (1972)

In this classic comedy that produced some of the most iconic songs in Egyptian film history, Hosny plays a college student who struggles to hide her moonlighting profession as a dancer from society's watchful eyes.

8. Tahani in "Ala Man Notleq Al-Rosas" (1975)

In this acclaimed social drama, Hosny starred opposite Mahmoud Yassin as a young woman whose personal life gets caught up in the wrongdoings of her boss, a corrupt corporate official.

9. Batta in "Al-Mashbouh" (1981)

In this drama, Hosny starred opposite Adel Imam, playing a young woman who falls in love with a thief as they both try to escape their past and build a better life for themselves.

10. Nawal in "Maw'ed Ala El-Asha" (1981)

In this drama, Hosny starred opposite Ahmed Zaki, playing a woman who tries to escape her possessive ex-husband's control as she embarks on a new relationship.