Dubai and Abu Dhabi always get the spotlight when people start talking about traveling to the UAE. We think that's not really fair, since every emirate has its merits. Not convinced? Here are 10 reasons that will change your mind about Ras Al Khaimah:

1. You can treat yourself to a yacht ride

Everyone wants to jump off a yacht at least once in their lives. Why not do it off the Ras Al Khaimah coast?

Prince of Sea is available for reservations

2. OMG! Camels

Book a safari trip to the Bedouin Oasis Desert Camp and ride a camel, or something.

3. Two words: Dhayah Fort

Built in the 16th century for the purpose of fighting British colonial troops, Dhayah is the only hilltop fort that still stands in the Emirates.

4. Kayak in RAK's mangroves

Fun, exploration and fitness at the same time, what?! That's a really good deal.

5. You can basically jet-ski all year


6. Tour RAK by plane (or helicopter!)

Just make sure you're not getting on a plane with Ramez Galal .

7. Let your inner child loose at Iceland Waterpark

Wild Wadi? Atlantis? Nope. I'd take Iceland Waterpark, anytime.

8. Be part of a one of a kind falcon show at Banyan Tree Al Wadi

One of the most famous RAK attractions, Banyan Tree Al Wadi houses the most diverse display of Arab birds, including falcons, owls, and hawks. The birds are trained with traditional Arab methods to

9. Walk into Mohammed Bin Salim Mosque, which dates back to the 18th century

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi may be the largest mosque, but Mohammad Bin Salim Mosque is largest traditional mosque in the UAE and is still in use at the Old Town.

10. Bathe in therapeutic water at the top of a mountain

Lap in one of three hot springs and let the sulphuric water wash over your skin while you look onto the Hajar Mountains.