For Muslims, Ramadan is probably the most anticipated month and that is for multiple reasons: shorter work hours, good food, and for many, the devil being locked up...

Arabs have been making jokes about shaytan for a long time now, blaming him for their wrongdoings and calling him their worst side-kick.

Here are 10 of the best tweets about shaytan, with a Ramadan twist:

1. The one who's doubting herself

2. The one with the Infinity War reference

3. The one where he prepares his comeback

We're half-way through. 

4. The one who knows who to really fight

5. The one who found a place for Ramos

6. The one who can't be responsible for her own decisions

What do you mean... I made that horrible decision on my own? 

7. The one who has a theory on being left on read in Ramadan

8. The one who isn't holding back

The gossip sessions get even longer during the holy month. 

9. The one who already knows what to say

10. The one who figured out who shaytan's elves are