What's funnier than watching a hilarious sitcom or late night show? 

Sitting through a Lebanese beauty pageant. 

Our beauty contests aim to be serious, but in reality, they're just one big joke. 

Here are a few Lebanese beauty pageant fails that'll crack you up.  

1. When a Mr. Lebanon contestant told people to store garbage in their homes

Because that's the best way to solve a waste disposal crisis. 

2. When a Miss Lebanon contestant said it was best to send waste to hospitals

She said what? 

3. When this contestant was lost for words: "YI"

4. And another turned "You Stink" into "We Stink"

5. The question/answer round is a fail in and of itself really

6. This whole butterfly dance = fail

7. When the pageant judges misjudged...

8. When a cockroach was spotted on the Miss Lebanon stage

9. When this happened live on-air

10. When the show's organizers thought this could pass as talent