Holiday season is getting near and that means it's time to start browsing for gifts. There's nothing harder than trying to buy a gift for your boyfriend. To rephrase that, there's nothing harder than buying him a gift he'll love. I mean yeah you could always go out and buy him clothes, shoes, cologne, etc ... but maybe it's time you take a different route this year. All taken from  - the largest e-commerce site in the Arab world- here are 10 alternate gift ideas you could order if you're living in the UAE, Egypt, Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar.

Because who wouldn't want to wear these?


If he's a PS4 addict.


If he loves coffee more than he loves you.


Just because you don't know what to get him.


If he's all about the music.


If he just loves grilling everything.


If you want him to become a neat-freak like you!

motor tie rack

For if he loves to chill.


If he's a techie.


If you want to be a bit more sentimental.


P.S. Always add something sentimental to your gift. Wins everytime.