Boofiyas are Saudi Arabia's very own take on delis, always located a stone’s throw away from most residential areas across the kingdom.

From early morning breakfast to late-night snacks, boofiyas are the time-tested, go-to places for those looking for a cheap yet delicious quick fix.

Here are 10 boofiya items you have to try asap:

1. Shakshouka

Shakshouka - meaning "mixture" in English - is a dish that consists of poached eggs, tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions. 

One can never be let down by this one.

2. Fried egg sandwich

The classic fried egg sandwich prepared at a boofiya will always taste way better than the homemade one. In some places, it costs as little as one riyal... have two and you’ll be full until dinner.

3. SunTop juice

This boxed juice goes well with any sandwich you might want to order. 

4. Tabaqat

From its name, tabaqat - meaning "layers" in English - is a mix of fruit juices in one cup. The fun part is having colorful layers belonging to each fruit to help differentiate between the tastes.

5. Taamiyya

While ordering taamiyya - aka falafel - tell the chef “Kullu Shay” (everything) and just wait and watch that delicious sandwich being prepared in front of you.

6. Liver

Called kibdah locally, the nutritious sandwich is power-packed with proteins, iron, and zinc. Can you think of anything better that is cheap and nutritious?

7. Boiled egg sandwich

Also known as baid maslooq, this is a healthier option for those who don’t want the fried egg version of the sandwich.

8. Berry juice

Some boofiyas have these huge mixers installed that are constantly mixing juices. One staple flavor that is generally found is the berry juice also known as toot.

9. Fateera

Not all boofiyas serve it, but if you do come across one that does, then you definitely have got to try it in case you haven't already. It comes in many variants – all greasy yet tasty!

10. Hotdog

A boofiya hotdog includes fries, hot sauce, and at times, even chopped tomatoes. If you have a palate for trying something new, then you can start with this.