As an Egyptian, I am in constant awe of the cinematic talents that we have on the silver screen. While Egyptian cinema production is bountiful, some of our talented performers have gone as far as to enrapture global audiences.

The following Egyptian actors and actresses are proof that Egypt is a power player in show business.

1. Omar Sharif

Source: AsiaDespatch

It is no surprise that Omar Sharif should top the list. One of the most prominent actors in Egyptian cinema, the late Sharif has featured in great films like Struggle in the Valley “صراع في الوادي” and A Man in Our House “في بيتنا رجل”.

He started his career in Hollywood in 1962 with the epic historical drama film Lawrence of Arabia, which earned him an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe award. He then went on to star alongside Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl (1968) and Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago (1965).

2. Rami Malek

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Currently making waves as the lead actor in the hit thriller television series Mr.Robot, Malek got his head start portraying Pharaoh Akhmenrah in the comedy film Night at the Museum.

Fun Facts about Rami Malek: He won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series; he has a younger twin brother; he went to high school with American Actress Kirsten Dunst; and he dated Christian Slater's stepsister.

3. Amr Waked

No one can forget his performance opposite Scarlett Johanson in Lucy, especially not the more intimate moments. 

Waked is known for several other roles such as Sheikh Muhammed alongside Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and Muhammad Sheikh Agiza in the Oscar-winning film Syriana.

4. Khaled El Nabawy

Source: IMDB

Khaled El Nabawy has been in the Hollywood spotlight for quite some time, but his most famous role was playing Mullah in the epic historical drama Kingdom of Heaven

He also starred in The Citizen, where he played Ibrahim, an Arab immigrant who moves to the U.S. a day after 9/11.

5. Omar Metwally

Source: WeSoNerdy

Born to an Egyptian father and Dutch mother, Metwally has featured alongside Liam Neeson in Non-Stop and Rendition. 

The dashing actor also had a lead role in the television drama series The Affair as Dr. Vic Ullah.

6. Khaled Abol Naga

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Abol Naga will play Ziyadat Allah, the third Aghlabid Emir in Ifriqiya, in the hit TV drama Vikings, Season 5.. He has made some notable appearances in other Hollywood productions, such as Civic Duty and the TV drama Tyrant. 

Fun fact: Abol Naga studied engineering and has a Master's Degree in spacecraft engineering.

7. Yasmine Al Massri

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Although Al Massri is Palestinian, her mother is Egyptian so we're gonna take some credit for her work! She made her film début in the 2007 film Caramel. 

She is currently starring in the hit TV drama Quantico, in which she plays two characters — identical twins Nimah and Raina Amin who are recruited as FBI agents.

8. Sam Esmail

Source: Wikipedia

We owe it all to Esmail for bringing Rami Malek to our TV screens. He is famous for writing and directing the popular hit series Mr. Robot.

9. Wendie Malick

Source: OnionStatic

TV and screen actress Wendie Malik, who has Egyptian grandparents, has made a name for herself taking on roles in TV shows like Frasier and Hot in Cleveland.

10. Basma

Source: AlBawaba

You may recognize Basma for her recurring role in Tyrant, a television series that depicts the tribulations of a runaway son of a fictional Middle Eastern tyrant. 

Basma played the role of Sophia, the sister of the foreign minister of Abuddin, the fictional Middle Eastern nation, and the wife of a wealthy businessman.