There's often questions when big stars die, especially when they're young or already at the center of controversy.

Here are 10 Egyptian artists who died mysteriously with ambiguous answers and many questions about the circumstances:

1. Omar Khorshid

Khorshid died in a horrible car accident in front of Khristo's restaurant in Egypt in 1981. His Lebanese wife as well as the artist Madiha Kamel, who were with him at the time of the accident, confirmed that an unknown car was chasing them until its driver forced Khorshid to crash into a street light.

So, who killed Omar Khorshid?

Some say that a famous politician was behind his death while others argue that he was killed because he travelled with President Anwar Sadat to Washington to sign the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

2. Soad Hosny

Big question marks remain around Soad Hosny’s death. Was she actually killed or did she commit suicide?

In 2001, the coroner revealed female hair traces were found between Hosny’s nails as well as traces of resistance on her body. Detectives also pointed out that they found her apartment messy. This suggests that her death was a planned murder after it was discovered she was planning to reveal her relationship with Egyptian intelligence.

3. Niazi Mostafa

0n Oct. 20, 1986, film director Niazi Mostafa was found dead with his two hands tied together behind his back. He had several stab wounds and was hanging from a towel next to his bed.

On Jan. 16, 1987, the prosecutor decided to preserve the investigation, not finding any evidence against any specific person. It was noted that this was due to the mess that was found at the crime scene.

4. Yusuf Al-Sibai

Novelist and Culture Minister Yusuf Al-Sibai was assassinated in February 1978. He was shot by two men while he was standing in front of a bookstore in an Afro-Asian conference held in Cyprus.

In fact, the killers detained hostages in the cafeteria of the hotel – 30 members participating in the solidarity conference – which obliged Cyprus to respond to demands from the two men to be moved outside the country by airplane.

5. Camelia

The death of Camelia – a Jewish artist – in a 1950 airplane crash, as she was traveling for therapy, triggered many unanswered questions.

Some accused Israel of Camelia’s death but there wasn't agreement on whether the crime even served Israel's interests. Others suggested that King Farouk was behind the plane’s fall as he wanted to end their relationship.

6. Sayed Darwish

Sayed Darwish, who was considered the leading figure of contemporary Arabic music, passed away at the age of 31 with many rumors spreading about his death but little concrete facts.

One of the theories regarding the reason of his death states that he was poisoned by the British colonial authorities who wanted to get rid of him because of Egyptians' attachment to his national songs .

The British refusal of an autopsy gave strength to these accusations.

7. Asmahan

Asmahan’s death in 1944 remains a big mystery; her car fell in the canal, she died with her friend Mary Kallada, meanwhile her driver escaped without getting any harm.

Since then, many stories about her death were spread; some accused Umm Kolthoum of arranging this incident to get rid of Asmahan while others accused the British intelligence, and even her ex-husband.

8. Mimi Shakeeb

In May 1983, the actress Mimi Shakeeb was killed, thrown down of her appartment's balcony after a long-running controversy that started in 1974 when she was accused, along with eight other women, of running a “white slave network” for prostitution.

A court had found her and her co-defendants innocent in 16 July 1974, but the case destroyed her future as an artist and contributed to her financial problems.

Her murder was never solved, although some rumors implicated politicians among those who were managing the above-mentioned network and of being behind her death.

9. Salah Kabil

Despite his death in 1992 of a heart attack at the age of 61, some people still have doubts and think that Kabil was buried alive.

As a result of his death, the scenario of the fifth and last episode of the series “Layali Al-Helmiya” was changed by eliminating the role of Hajj Allam Al Samahi, who passed away, .

10. Dalida

In 1987, Dalida’s dead body was found after she committed suicide through consuming an overdose of soothing pills, and left a letter saying: “Forgive me, life can handle no more.”

Thus, just like her life, her death was mysterious.

This article was originally posted in Arabic on YallaFeed .