It's common knowledge in the Arab World that Egyptian Arabic is, let's say, special. However, it's not considered special because Egyptians are inherently masters of the language.

The reason is that they have a magical ability to create words and phrases that never existed before, can't even be translated, have ridiculously funny meanings when translated literally, or all of the above.

These 10 words and phrases prove that Egyptian Arabic isn't just out of other dialects' league, it's playing a completely different game, one that even the most skilled of translators will lose in.

Word to the wise to anyone learning Arabic in Egypt, don't rely on your dictionary, it will not get you anywhere.

1.”Haga tehar’a el dam” – “Something that burns the blood”

It might sound a bit scary when translated literally, but it actually means something that infuriates or upsets someone, which is well, still not very pleasant.

2. “Labesoh kobry” – “he made him wear a bridge”

No one wants to wear a bridge, so thankfully the phrase is actually a football term to describes the move in which the football is passed as if it were being passed from under a bridge.

3. “El fostan dah bee’a awy” – “That dress is such an environment”

It's not, it's just not. The term "bee'a" which literally means environment is Arabic is used in Egypt to label something someone considers to be of low class.

4. “Tehafel ala had” – “To throw a party at someone”

You probably don't throw parties on your friends' heads, and neither do Egyptians. The phrase actually means to embarrass someone in a non-offensive way or to jokingly make fun of them about something.

5. “Howa ibn nas awy we heya bent nas awy” – “He’s such a son of people and she’s such a daughter of people”

Isn't every single human being on the planet the son or daughter of people? Yes, but the phrase actually means that the person is well brought up by their parents.

6. “Howa enta ma’ndaksh rehet el dam?” – “Do you not even have the smell of blood?”

First of all, that sounds like a really strange question to ask, and all human beings have blood so it's also a pointless one. But according to Egyptians, someone who "doesn't have blood" is someone heartless who doesn't care about other people's feelings.

7. “Enta hatelbes fel heta” – “You’re going to wear a wall”

Wearing a wall doesn't sound any more fun than wearing a bridge. The phrase actually means you're going to get in trouble or fail at something.

8. “Fokak men nafsak” – “Unscrew yourself from yourself”

You're not a machine held together by screws, Egyptians are aware of that, the phrase actually means to let go of things and to be carefree.

9. “Dih Harakat nos kom” – “These are short-sleeved movements”

Do movements wear short sleeves? Probably not. The phrase is actually used to refer to actions that are dishonest or shady.

10. “Kona a’deen benetmasha” – “We were taking a walk sitting”

Walking doesn't usually involve sitting, they are two different words after all. But for Egyptians, they make perfect sense together because the phrase means we were walking for a long time. Does the long time make walking more like sitting? No one knows.