Most candy we consumed as kids were too sweet, tasted weird and chemically infused, and most importantly - or scarily enough - it was way too cheap to contain any healthy ingredient.

Though at a later age we realized that it wasn't the smartest idea to have eaten - and sometimes worn - these sweets, we're taken aback the second we lay eyes on them again.

From things we only found at our village grocery store to the weirdest-shaped candy that still makes no sense to this day, these 10 confections we binged on during our Arab childhood will truly make us question ourselves:

1. Diamond ring lollipop

If you missed your pacifier as a baby, this one helped you keep a sweet memory around your finger. 

But a diamond-shaped lollipop ring still sounds and looks weird...

2. Pop rocks

Arguably not the healthiest powder-like candy to consume, this one was sour and would fizzle and pop the entire inside of your mouth.

Competitions were set based on who would eat the most pop rocks and make the loudest pop sounds.

3. Feet-shaped lollipops... dipped in pop rocks

We sucked on foot-shaped lollipops... let that sink in for a moment.

4. Chocolate coins

We literally ate chocolate that resembled gold coins...

5. Cigarette gum

Our strict Arab parents would never let us smoke as adults, but allowed us to mimic all grownup smokers by eating this gum? Really!?

6. Shoe-shaped candy

Source: Al Hasnaa

Your teta had them, your neighbor tante Souad stuffed your face with them, and any other adult stashed them for any kid paying a visit. 

The worst part was that they never tasted good and were shoe-shaped... SHOE-SHAPED! But we always gave them another chance.

7. Chocolate toothpaste

Source: Salla

Where to begin on this one... the fact that it wasn't the best tasting chocolate on the market, or that it was in a cheap metallic tube shaped like that of a toothpaste?

8. Eyeglasses-shaped chocolate candy

Arab mothers would always say "eat your glasses!" ... or was it your veggies?

Another question: Did anyone ever pop one of these tiny chocolate circles as the mask was on their face? Just wondering...

9. Umbrella-shaped chocolate

Source: Picluck

Though some kids might have lost a tooth or two eating these, how did the idea of eating chocolate umbrella sound good at the time?

10. Candy watch

Source: Retro Sweets

With a weird taste of fake fruits in each piece of candy from this "watch" - which kids used to wear, on their bare skin, and then eat it - the cool part was that it came with different times printed on.