I must admit, I have a very Arab (and very Lebanese) family. Growing up, my day was filled with precautions and measures to save myself from all the bad luck and apparent damage these superstitions will bring me. Here are some of them!

1. Recounting the step over someone lying on the floor

sf super lying

Apparently, if you do, the person lying on the floor will be short when he/she grows up. My cousin has convinced herself she is short because someone stepped over her when she was younger – it's just genetic. Get over it (pun intended).

2. Opening an umbrella indoors

sf super umbrella

10-year-old me felt like the wrath of hell will be released into my house if I opened an umbrella indoors.

3. Receiving money soon when hand palms itch

sf super itch

Though I convinced myself my palms itched every morning, I still got nothing but that pink 5,000 LL note every Monday morning … for the whole week.

4. Noise in your ears means someone is talking about you

sf super ear2

Oh, I didn't need noise in my ears to know – I had stronger tools and sources.

5. A broken mirror

sf super mirror

Looking into a broken mirror will apparently doom your luck for years to come. It's also dangerous; I mean that shouldn't be allowed to begin with #psychopathchildrenstories

6. Flipping the bottom of a turned shoe

sf super shoe

I still do that. It's sort of a superstition-turned-OCD thing.

7. Hearing an owl

sf super owl

"Hoot hoot"

Definitely failing my exam tomorrow morning.

8. Drinking from a broken glass

sf super drink

So many cups gone to waste for fear of bad luck. And tongue damage.

9. Crawling on the house floor brings unwanted guests

sf super crawl

"Stop it mama! 7a yijeene 3alam min warak!"

10. Spitting when two heads hit

sf super heads

I have NO idea why my mom would make me do this – anyone else at all?