How many times have you been asked questions about being Muslim, about Islam, about certain traditions you follow?  

There's nothing wrong with asking questions, on the contrary curiosity  can lead to productive conversations. 

But, when it comes to questions Muslims get asked ... it's a different story. Some questions are flat-out awkward and most of the time, there really is no answer. 

But ... the next time you get asked any of these 10 questions, you will have an answer. Guaranteed. 

1. "Why is your foot in the sink?"

A straight-forward answer: "wuduh, mate"

2. Wait do you mean wuduh? Or voodoo?

Answer with a play on words: No. I mean "wu-DUH?!"

3. "Do you shower with the hijab on?"

Answer with sarcasm: Yes, haven't you heard of Hijab&Shoulders ?! 

4. "How do you not get hot?" ... he asks a hijabi when it's 40 degrees Celsius outside

Answer with a straight face: I have an internal fan installed in my bones.  

5. "How do you live if you can't eat for 30 days?" ... during Ramadan

Source: 9gag

Just answer: Our bodies don't work the same as yours. We have magical powers.  

And then really explain to them how Ramadan works. 

6. When someone asks you if "adhan" is a popular song ...

Answer with humor: No, it's a classic Muslim song by Sheikh Khalifa. 

7. "But, I don't get how you use a shatafa and what for?"

Answer with pointers: Oh, we just use it to wash our heads over the sink. Makes showers much easier.  

8. "Why do you Muslims call your God ... Allah?"

Answer with a language lesson: Allah is just Arabic for God, FYI.  

9. "Are you Islam?"

Answer with a fact: Islam is not a race. I swear to Allah.  

10. Then of course you have those VERY awkward questions ...

Answer with a joke: Islams it!!