Many of the Middle East's Millenials are becoming exposed to iconic Arabic songs for the first time, especially with young up-and-coming artists taking advantage of this new wave.

Using YouTube as their platform to creatively merge East and West, many artists are breathing new life into songs of old. 

Here is a list of some of the best Arabic and English mashups that you will be listening to all week.  

1. Harget Kart - Apologise/Keefak Enta

The Jordanian band, Harget Kart, specializes in mashups and they do it beautifully. Here's their take on Timbaland's "Apologize" and Fairouz's, "Keefak Enta."

2. Noel Kharman - Despacito/Akheran Qalha

Noel Kharman became an online sensation with her first mashup of "Hello" by Adele and Fairouz's "Keefak Enta," which garnered over 18 million views. The Palestinian singer topped that with her rendition of this summer's hit "Despacito" mixed with Ahmed Maslawi's "Akheran Qalha," which got over 19 million views.

3. Reina Khoury - Secret Love Song/Various Arabic Songs

Reina Khoury creatively experimented with Little Mix's "Secret Love Song" using various classic and contemporary Arabic songs such as "Habaytak Bisayf" by Fairouz, and Wael Kfoury's "Law Hobna Ghalta," "Bahebak Ana Kteer." and "Awlak Ghalat."

4. Mohammed Alminji - Like I'm Gonna Lose You/Layla Law Bagi Layla

With over half a million views, people definitely seem to love Mohammed Alminji's cover of the romantic "Layla Law Bagi Layla" and Meghan Trainor's "Like I'm Gonna Lose You."

5. Moseqar - Party & Bullshit/Fakarooni

Egyptian producer Mohammed Ziena has been on the music scene for a couple of years now, especially on the online audio distribution platform, SoundCloud

This Biggie and Om Kalthoum mix definitely tops the list of the most unexpected and creative mashups.

6. Moe Zein - Hallelujah/Ya Elahi

Moe Zein delivers a powerful Arabic rendition of Leonard Cohen's classic "Hallelujah." 

7. Lina Sleibi - Dernière Danse/Aam Betaala' Feek

Watch as the Palestinian singer Lina Sleibi performs a creative mashup of the French song "Dernière Danse" by Indila and Nancy Ajram's "Aam Betaala' Feek." 

8. Alaa Wardi - They Don't Care About Us/Didi

Cheb Khaled, the King of Rai, and Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, come together in this unique mashup. 

9. Harget Kart - Hello/Kezbak Helo/Za'le Tawal

Adele, Mayada Bsilis and Fairouz meet in another one of Harget Kart's songs.

10. Noel Kharman - My Immortal/Ba'adak Ala Bali

Who would have ever thought it would be possible to listen to Evanescence and Fairouz in one song? Noel Kharman does it perfectly in this mashup.