Putin and Trump meet at the G20 summit Source: WikiMedia

News of a meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump's son and a Russian lawyer has a lot of people talking, and Arabs definitely have some comical input. 

During his father's presidential campaign, Donald Trump Jr. agreed to meet with a lawyer connected to the Russian government to receive documents that could have harmed the campaign of Hillary Clinton, his father's opponent in the election. Trump Jr. publicly released copies of the email between him and the agent, expressing his excitement about the possibility of getting dirt on Clinton.

Although Trump Jr. said he didn't actually get useful information from the lawyer, he openly admits to attending the meeting with the hope of receiving scandalous documents. Experts say the revelation adds significant weight to claims that Trump's campaign colluded with the Russian government to tip the election results.

Of course, Arabs had some witty commentary to share. 

1. Meddling in elections isn't just an Arab thing

2. Some are pointing to other Trump crimes

3. Trump Jr.'s tweets are the #MotherOfIrony

4. The plot of the Trump saga is hard to follow tbh

5. But here's a partial explanation

6. Trying to spell things out clearly

7. And the epic satirical sarcasm

8. Mocking the right-wing US media response ...

9. Because the spin is incredible

10. Seriously, INCREDIBLE