Anxiety ... we've all had our fair share of it. Living among Arabs - let alone being Arab - is guaranteed to cause a spike in your anxiety levels. 

There are certain Arab customs, traditions, and habits that just won't do your anxiety any good. Here's a look at some of them:

1. When you see a shahata flipped on its back

2. When it's not love in the air, rather "grooms in the air"

3. When you don't know whether it's one ... two ... or three kisses??

4. When your mother's anxiety gives you anxiety

5. When you travel with "makhlouta" and "baklawa" in your luggage

6. When you get asked that ONE question at gatherings

7. When you're watching a football match ... with Arabic commentary

8. When your Arab dad talks on the phone

9. When your mother's obsession with cleaning gets to you

10. When you see this hand gesture go up