If you think Arabs are brutal in the way they communicate and react to the world around them, you've yet to take a closer look at our language.

Because the phrases we use and proverbs we turn to when we need to vent or hit back at someone literally define savageness.

Don't believe us? Here, take a look:

1. When you want to berate someone for upsetting you

2. When those closest to you backstab you

3. Arab style hit back

4. When you really need to insult someone who deserves it

5. Arab proverbs = Wise savagery

6. When you meet someone too full of themselves

7. When your friend cancels dinner plans

8. When you need something to say to ungrateful humans

9. When you need to hit back at those ridiculing your height

"Their height is that of a palm tree, their brain is that of a sheep." 

10. Or just people you don't like in general

"The brain is an adornment." 

Bonus round: The one that tops all savage proverbs

"A monkey is a deer in its mother's eyes."