Arabs are known for their generosity, but when it comes to household matters, they can be both frugal and thrifty in that they make use of almost everything around the house. This includes things that would normally be tossed into the trash. 

We have our mothers to thank for this ... because they were into 'upcycling' long before it became a trend. 

So how many of these have you seen around your house? 

1. You're not Arab if ... your t-shirt doesn't become a wash rag eventually

The way this process usually works: 

Your mother buys you a new t-shirt. When this t-shirt (which is always a unisex t-shirt even if it's not) no longer fits, it becomes a hand-me-down to the next child in the family.

When your mother decides that the shirt no longer fits, even if you happen to like it, it becomes a floor mopping rag. 

2. Butter cookie boxes = sewing kits

Your mother is the queen of re-purposing boxes and jars. 

You have to credit your mother for not throwing the box away ... but instead turning it into a sewing kit ... for FREE. 

If you want to save yourself the disappointment, stop opening it ... unless it happens to be sealed.

3. Nutella jars turned spice container

Why waste a perfectly good (empty) nutella jar? Your zaatar, semsom and cardamom deserve to be stored in a used nutella jar.  

4. Window handles are also known as "laundry dryers"

Because who needs electric dryers when you've got robust window handles ... that are built-in, FREE and ecological?  

5. A hybrid between shahata and stick

Source: Instagram

In our world, we have something called a shahata (slippers) and we also have something called a mekense, or broom stick. 

But, our mothers have created a hybrid between the two, and it's every mother's favorite tool, because it makes "shahata" punishments A LOT more convenient. Also, it means that they don't have to move much! 

6. Treadmills slowly evolve into coat hangers

You know that feeling when you buy yourself a new treadmill hoping to make good use of it before bikini season sets in? Well, we don't either. 

In an Arab household, chances are the treadmill has become a clothes hanger/rack within the first weeks. 

"Just please sit there and do nothing. Let us start throwing our clothes on you. Thank you very much."

7. Watering pots = less advanced "shatafa"

Who knew a watering can can have multiple purposes? 

Us Arabs! 

This is especially true when you've moved to a foreign country where buying/installing a "shatafa" is more complicated/expensive than you think. 

So ... for those who PLAN ahead of time, you will most probably need to take a "blue bree2" with you. Or green. Whatever tickles your fancy. 

8. "Mal2at ghaseel" to close bags of chips, cereal, pita bread with

Because who needs those fancy clippers anyways? If it does the job, bag it. 

9. Kitchen gloves when driving underneath the scorching sun

We all know living in the Gulf means two things: 

1. Your hands get a taste of hell when you place them on a steering wheel after leaving your car parked underneath the sun for hours. 

2. Also, various body parts feel the burn - thanks to the metal pieces in the seat-belt. 

Who needs to spend money on stylish gloves ... when you could use your kitchen gloves instead? 

10. Wooden kitchen spoons as a threat

Yup, whatever is used in the kitchen ... is used outside the kitchen, very often too. 

A mother's favorite tool.